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Golden Valley Unified School District
A District of Excellence

Superintendent's Message

Picture of District Superintendent
It is with a heavy heart I write this email to you all.  As many of you may have probably heard by now, I have been offered the Central Unified School District superintendent position. I have accepted and will begin my new assignment on July 1st. 
This is a decision my family and I have made collectively.  It is time for a new challenge.
The Board will be deciding on how to proceed with the next superintendent at a Special Board Meeting tomorrow. They understand the importance of this position and will hire the right person; I have the utmost confidence in their ability to make the right decision.
I wish there was a better way of communicating this process more openly, but due to confidentiality there was no way of conveying the happenings until the decision was absolutely final. 
Golden Valley took a chance on a 29 year first year administrator 16 years ago. I will forever be grateful to this community and the many wonderful educators, certificated and classified alike, for influencing the leadership style I possess today.
I will miss you! You are all professional educators who do what is right for students day in and day out.
Our parents care! They love our district and respect the importance of raising children who will be productive members of society, which is so important.
Keep us Golden by carrying on the Golden Valley Way!
Your number one fan,