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Updated GVUSD Student Masking Guidance

As we start the school year, the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) “foundational principle” of
requiring the implementation of a “Universal Masking Guidance” is to ensure that “all students will have
access to a safe and FULL REOPENING OF OUR SCHOOLS with in-person instruction.”

Despite ongoing outreach and improving COVID-19 vaccine access, as of today, a significant proportion of
Californians throughout the state are not yet fully vaccinated. The Delta variant is two times as contagious
than early COVID-19 variants, leading to increasing infections.

On August 5th, 2021, the GVUSD Board of Trustees voted to follow all the updated CDPH guidelines and
allow parents of students with medical, mental health or disabilities to file an exemption waiver for their child.
On August 6th, 2021, CDPH updated its guidance to now require a doctor's note to receive a mask exemption,
which took away the option that the Board voted on to allow self-attesting.

I acknowledge that there will be some frustration with this change. However, this is a necessary concession, if
it allows us to get all our students back into the classroom on a daily and full-time basis. The following is a
summary of our current masking requirements for K-12 schools:

❖ Students and Staff in a TK-12 school setting must wear a mask while indoors.
❖ Students “exempted” from wearing a mask due to a medical condition must wear a non-restrictive alternative,
such as a face shield with a drape. (Determination of these conditions can only be made by a medical
❖ Masks are required while riding the school bus.

❖ Masks are optional for all outdoor TK-12 school settings.

❖ Masks are required while indoors on school grounds.

Golden Valley is founded on the idea that students can reach their highest potential in a caring, secure
environment. To support this mission, we will ensure the proper prevention strategies, which include best
hygiene practices, cleaning and disinfection, improved air quality, screening and testing, and vaccination

It is our hope with the collective support of our community we will return to a full reopening of our schools
with the required safety guidance. We acknowledge your support is integral in moving our schools forward,
and we appreciate your ongoing flexibility and commitment to our students, schools, and our district.

Kevin Hatch
Golden Valley Unified School District