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Superintendent's Message

 Dear Golden Valley Community

Welcome to the 2017 school year! We are excited to have our staff and students return from their summer vacation excited and eager to teach and learn. It is always a tremendous joy to kick off a new year. A new year with new goals and challenges to conquer. A time to welcome new staff and new students to our remarkable community. This year we welcome 20 new certificated staff and 14 new classified staff. We were busy this summer, but the hard work paid off. We are excited with the talented staff that are joining us this year and are confident you will see that talent transferred into your child’s classroom and throughout our organization.

As I enter my fifteenth year in Golden Valley, I reminisce on the path we as a District have taken. In 2002, we opened Liberty High School for the first time to the public on August 19, 2002. I remember the day vividly as the parking lot was jammed packed and many came to visit this crown jewel in the Central Valley. I remember the excitement in the air as our community celebrated what many doubted would ever come to fruition: a new high school in the Golden Valley Unified School District. I remember the challenge that was asked of the administration by our Board. I remember leadership saying, “We have the opportunity to make something really special here. We have the opportunity to create a school with the highest of standards, not only academically, but in what we expect from our students in terms of behavior and performance.” Qualities that were already established at Webster Elementary and Sierra View Elementary, which would later become part of Golden Valley. This was the challenge. I remember students transferring into LHS from various schools from the surrounding area. Some students challenged the standards that were created by our Governing Board while others respected what was being asked of them. We didn’t shy away from the “little things” back then because we knew if we did they would become “big things”. We stayed the course and today Liberty is one of the finest high schools in State, a sentiment shared with us often by visiting administrators and communities.

You may be asking, “Why is he mentioning this?” Well, on Saturday morning on August 26, 2016 I read an article in the Fresno Bee comparing the likes of Clovis USD, Fresno USD, and Golden Valley USD. The article was comparing poverty rates and attributing poverty rates to academic achievement. I was a bit taken back from the article, because while I agree poverty does have an effect on student achievement, I refuse to accept poverty as a crutch. We have poverty here in GVUSD and some of our poorest children have excelled tremendously. And part of the reason why they have excelled is because the adults in their life cared. All the adults, not just the adults with children in our schools, but every adult within the community that cares about our students. There are many variables that affect students’ success! Giving up on the “little things” is something I know personally the Golden Valley USD community will not do. We will continue to do things “THE GOLDEN VALLEY WAY!”, because it is the secret to our success. Our community demands excellence of us and we would have it no other way. As a community, please continue to help us maintain the highest of standards and expectations, because this by far is one variable we must not lose.

I want to thank our Governing Board for their unwavering support of our schools. I want to thank our community for expecting our schools to produce productive members of society and holding us accountable for doing so. I want to thank our staff for understanding what it takes to prepare kids for the real-world; a world that is unpredictable. I want to thank our parents for instilling in your child the values that make this community unique and I want to thank the community for supporting “The Golden Valley Way!”


Andy Alvarado